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This section of the website has articles and reports that have not been published in the Society’s Journal. If you have something you would like to see published here please send it to the

Report: From the Crowd: Remembering Peterloo, Manchester, 6th August 2019. Peter Sagar

Report: The Road to Peterloo, Tyneside Irish Centre, 18 August 2019. Peter Sagar

Article: The Wind from Peterloo – Newcastle’s great reform demonstration 1819.  In this booklet, John Charlton describes the situation on Tyne and Wear which led to this enormous demonstration in October 1819 two months after Peterloo. He will raise a number of questions including why there was no massacre, how people communicated, how many attended, the part played by women, arms or no arms and the aftermath.

Article: From Jarrow to Orgreave. In this excellent piece from the 2017 Gala Brochure, Dave Temple traces the history of the miners from the 1830s struggle against the bond and the hanging of William Jobling to the state-police tactics of the Thatcher government during the 1984 miners’ strike.