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Great North Museum, Newcastle: Conference, WOMEN, WORK & ACTIVISM

9 November 2018 @ 09:30 - 10 November 2018 @ 16:00

To book, please go to: https://webstore.ncl.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/faculty-of-humanities-social-sciences-hass/school-of-english-literature-language-and-linguistics/women-work-activism-conference


Friday, November 9th

9.30-10.00       Registration

Coffee, Tea and Refreshments

10.00-11.00      Keynote Address

Jan Windebank (Chair: Máire Cross)

“Women’s Labour: Unpaid Work in the Home and Community in Post-War France”

11.00-12.45      Session On

A) The Labour of Domesticity (Chair: Stacy Gillis)

  • Victoria Samantha Dawson, “Expression and Repression: Work and Domesticity as Agency within Rugby League Football”
  • Catherine Ellis, “Cooking the Books: Food, Fear and Finance in the ‘Ideal’ Eighteenth-Century Brothel”
  • Jessica Houlihan, “‘The Flavour of Freedom’: Cooking and Food as Feminist Praxis in Ntozaka Shange’s Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo”
  • Sadek Kessous, “‘A mere instrument of production’: Representing Domestic Labour in Westworld

B) Poster Presentations (Chair: Hannah Martin)

  • Kerrie McGiveron, “‘Women Organising in the Area’: Big Flame and Women’s Activism in Kirkby and East London, 1972-74”
  • Catherine Price, “Rachel Carson: A Woman’s Place in Science”
  • Rosalee Ross, “Shifting Times, Shifting Identities: Working Women in Gioconda Belli’s El pais de las mujeres
  • Catherine Spellman, “Title TBC”
  • Rosemary Stubbs, “Women and Work: Feminist Arts Practice in 1970s Britain”
  • Ghazal Vahidi, “Representation of Working Women in UK Print Media, 1985-2015”

12.45-13.30     Lunch

13.30-15.00     Session Two

A) The Visibility of Women’s Work (Chair: TBC)

  • Kirstie Alison Muldoon, “May Cosgrave and Joan Burke: Rediscovering Hidden Figures in Irish Music Education”
  • Jemima Short, “The Invisible Workforce of Women Religious: Reframing the Labour of Nursing Nuns”
  • Kate Sweeney, “‘These are the things I never wrote about’: Administration and Hidden Labour in the Bloodaxe Books Poetry Publishing Archives”

B) Gender and Higher Education (Chair: Sue Abbott

  • Jenny Rodriguez, “Academic Activism: Reflections on Intersectional Interventions”
  • Emily Yarrow (University), “The REF as a cataract? The Visibility and Legitimacy of Gender Inequality in a UK University”
  • Gillian Danby, “Reducing Gender Stereotype Threats in the Workplace: Arts-Based Methods in Management Education”

15.00-15.30    Coffee, Tea and Refreshments

15.30-17.00     Session Three

A) Women and Workplace Activism (Chair: Máire Cross)

  • Femke Brandt, “Reconfiguring Working Class Struggles and Politics: Women Precarious Workers’ Struggles in Johannesburg”
  • Frances Galt), “‘It was really important that it was all women’: Women’s Separate Self-Organisation in the association of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians”
  • Sandra Salin, “Women’s Activism and the State: Female State Factory Workers’ Militancy”

B) Women, Work and War (Chair: TBC)

  • Stephanie Butler, “‘Thank-You, Canada!: Canadian Women’s Care-Giving During World War Two”
  • Stanislava Dikova, “Annie Kenney and the Women’s Party: Class, Gender and Politics at the End of World War One”
  • Sarah Hellawell. “Equality or Protection? Women’s Work in the British Women’s International League after the Great War.”

17.30-19.00     Wine Reception (Northern Stage Mezzanine)


Saturday, November 10th

9.00-10.30       Session Four

A) Women in Tech (Chair: TBC)

  • Al James, “Digital Work Futures: Women in the Online Gig Economy”
  • Angelika Strohmayer and Samantha Mitchel, “Fempower.tech: Combining Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Academia”
  • Ze (Grace) Gao, Malgorzata Cieselskia and Xiaoxian Zhu, “Reconstructing Gender Identities: Masculine Domination and the Role of Female Professionals in Technology”

B) Women’s Work in Interwar Women’s Writing: Identity, Agency, Rhetoric (Chair: TBC)

  • Helen Glew, “Women Activists’ Campaigns Againt the Marriage Bar in Britain, 1927-1935”
  • Natasha Periyan, “Winifred Holtby, The National Union of Women Teachers and the Equal Pay Campaign”
  • Clara Jones, “Virginia Woolf’s 1931 ‘Cook Sketch’

10.30-11.00      Coffee, Tea and Refreshments

11.00-12.30      Session Five

A) Gender Discrimination in UK and US Higher Education Institutions (Chair: Clare Nally)

  • Jamie Callahan, Kathryn Cassidy, Mark Gatto, Amir Keshtiban, Claire Nally, “Leveraging Athena SWAN to Legitimise Spaces of Resistance in the Performative University”
  • Kathryn Cassidy, Tessa Holland, Bronwen Whitney and Lesley Dunlop, “Differentially Situated Gazes and the Challenges of Improving Workplace Equality in Higher Education”
  • Kristy Kelly, “Gender Audits: A Useful Tool for Measuring and Tracking Organizational Change in Higher Education”

B) Women and Work in Ireland (Chair: TBC)

  • Susannah Deedigan, “‘Some of the girls were the C na mb. [Cumann na mBan] type that loved the whole thing in a horrible way’: Re-Considering Female Activism in the Irish Civil War”
  • Deirdre Foley, “ The woman does not give as good a return of work as the man’: Women, Work and the Marriage Bar in Ireland, c. 1924-1973.”
  • Casey Lawrence, “Rereading Joyce’s Ulysses in the Age of #MeToo”

12.30-13.15      Lunch

13.15-14.15      Session Six

A) Hidden Selves/Hidden Labour (Chair: Jemima Short)

  • Clare Butler, “What’s the Matter with Old Women?”
  • Gemma Griffiths, “Disidentifying with the Puritan Work Ethic in the

Feminist Punk: Kathleen Hanna Mobilises Kathy Acker

B) Oral Histories of Women, Work and Activism (Chair: TBC)

  • Alison Atkinson-Phillips (Newcastle), “Getting On With It: Women’s Work for Change at the Newcastle West End Foodbank”
  • Andy Clark (Newcastle), “‘The only thing that ah ever knew, wis, like, the miner’s strike, that’s really all I can remember’: The Marginalization of Women’s Resistance to Deindustrialisation

14.15-15.15      Keynote Address

Sian Moore (Chair: TBC)

“Industrial Action and the Interaction of Gender and Class: Individual Subjectivity and Collective Consciousness”

15.15-16.00      Roundtable (Chair: TBC)



9 November 2018 @ 09:30
10 November 2018 @ 16:00


Great North Museaum
Hancock, Barras, Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4PT