Monthly Archives: October 2017

Murals Commemorating the 1976 Grunwick Strike

NELH usually focus on North East events and history, but Grunwick was a key moment in British Labour History. In 1976, six workers walked out of Grunwick Film Processing Laboratory in Willesden and ignited an historic two-year dispute which united thousands to demand better rights for poorly treated workers.

Two murals to commemorate the event have been unveiled in Willisden, the site of the dispute.

More information on the Grunwick Strike at the Grunwick 40 site.

New Video: Thomas Spence in London’ (1750 -1814)

Keith Armstrong has made a five minute video, Thomas Spence in London’ (1750 -1814) which includes renditions of two of his polemics, ‘The Hive of Liberty’ and ‘Pigs Meat’, the latter including the delightful lines, ‘Pigs meat, pigs meat / We piss on the elite’.

Those of a nervous disposition or members of the ruling class should not watch it.