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The project came to an end on Wednesday 13th March 2013 with a large celebratory event of 100 people in the Bewick Room at the Central Library, Newcastle. Large numbers of volunteers have been active in archives and libraries throughout the region and in communities through the oral history strand of the project.

The project story

Mapping Popular Politics


Much has been achieved in terms of adding to our knowledge of popular political activities from the Seventeeth Century to the present. Some of the story is told in a project book by John Charlton, the Project’s leader. Limited numbers will be available in hard copy at Libraries and Archives and it will eventually appear in electronic form on this web-site.


Most of the information we collected is accessible through a database designed for the project. The NEPPP Topic List gives a list of the Topics in the database. To understand how to use the database please start by reading Topic 1: Introduction. This Topic is actually on the database, and you can access it by going to the database (see below). Under “Change Search Criteria” look for “1” in “Topic ID”.

You can find the database itself here:PPPDBButtonThe database has also been added to with material from the 2007 Tyne & Wear Remembering Slavery Project and from other project work carried out by the volunteers on both projects since the NEPPP project ended. It will continue to added to as new material becomes available from former project volunteers, members of the NELH Society and other people who wish to contribute. All new material should be submitted to Sean Creighton at


Toolkit_a Toolkit_o

Another important legacy of the project are the Toolkits for researchers. They are available to download as pdfs: the PPP Archive Tool Kit and the PPP Oral History Tool Kit.

Donate your material

One of the aims of this project was to find relevant material in private hands and encourage its owners to donate it to the appropriate archive. This was only modestly achieved but we are very keen to continue with this work.

If you know of any such material please get in touch as we can help to give it a safe home.

A new project

We are currently putting together a new project provisionally entitled A Peoples History of the North East of England. Details will be circulated soon. If this intersts you please get in touch .

Follow the discussion of the Project on our Discussion Forum page – or read all past posts about the Project on their own page.

Supporting Organisations

Durham County Record Office, North Riding of Yorks Archives, Northumberland Collections (Berwick & Woodhorn), Teesside Archives, Tyne & Wear Archives.
Darlington Borough Library, Durham Clayport Library, Hartlepool Central Library, invited, Middlesbrough Central Library (Local Studies), Newcastle Central Library (Local Studies), North Tyneside Central Library (Local Studies, invited) South Shields Central Library (Local Studies), Sunderland Central Library (Local Studies).
Durham University Special Collections, Robinson Library Special Collections Newcastle University, Sunderland University Library and Teesside University Library.

Supported by the north east area committees of the Co-operative Movement and by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund

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