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Spanish Civil War Memorial – Newcastle Civic Centre

The Spanish Civil War Memorial Board stands in the grounds of Newcastle Civic Centre. It was unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle in November 2016. It provides some information about this struggle against fascism and lists the names and birthplaces of the 35 men from the region who were killed serving with the International Brigade in Spain. The board was sponsored by the International Brigade Memorial Trust, the GMB, RMT, Unite, Barrow Trades Council and the Co-op.

Those Were The Days – Balanced Books

What must have been the Society’s first financial statement from 1967. Our total income and expenditure being £13.11.11 (that’s about £13.59 for the benefit of you youngsters!). Our Journal (Bulletin) cost all of £4.10.0 (£4.50). Today the Journal costs more like £2,000 to produce. The statement is signed by Terry MacDermott who is still a member of the Society.