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At the beginning of 2018 the North East Labour History Society decided to start publishing previous issues of its Journal. So far, we have published our very first: Number 1, dated October 1967 and Issues 36 (2005) through to Issue 53 (2022).

To open these issues of the Journal, click on the images below and they will load in your pdf reader. Once you have opened the Journal you can use the “find” facility in your pdf reader (Firefox, Chrome, PDF Expert etc.) to locate words or phrases that will take you to the article you are interested in.

Journal, Number 53: 2022

  • Black-On-Tyne: the Black Presence on Tyneside in the 1860s
  • Their Lives are Our Lives. The Black presence in Gateshead in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
  • Nigel Todd and the Greening Wingrove Project
  • Roses and Revolutionists: Nigel Todd’s History of the Clousden Hill Community
  • The Progressive Decade? Politics in 1950s Newcastle
  • The Tyneside Boy Orator: The Legend Examined
  • The Labour Party in Newcastle: the struggle for office, 1945-1960
  • Uncovering Women’s Industrial Past: the Newcastle upon Tyne Branch of the National Federation of Women Workers, 1912-13
  • Red Ellen, Destroyed Intelligence Files and the Pause Button of History: the Playwright, the Biographer and Public History
  • What mining families remember about the Miners’ Strike in County Durham
  • Workers and Wages at Hetton Colliery, County Durham


Journal, Number 52: 2021

  • ‘One Aim, One God, One Destiny’? An Investigation of Black lives in Tyneside, 1939-1952
  • ‘A Bridge Across the Seas’: The Newcastle Migration Hostels for Boys and Young Women, 1927-1932
  • Children of the Revolution: Child Labour in Newcastle’s Iron and Glass Industries, c 1830-1850
  • Paul Robeson and the North East
  • The War Came Early to Sleepy Valley – Part Three, 1943-1946, D-Day Dodgers
  • Squatting in Tynemouth in 1946
  • The Labour Party in Newcastle: the struggle for office, 1945-1960
  • 1956: a year remembered
  • The Rise and Fall of Trade Union Education 1976 – 2021
  • What I Did in My Poly Days: Newcastle Polytechnic and Trades Union Education
  • ‘Let justice prevail though the heavens fall’; Thompson’s, the Miners’ Strike of 1984, and me
  • Scotswood: from green fields to green fields in a hundred years


Journal, Number 51: 2020

  • 1931 Labour’s defeat and NE England
  • Back in ’83: A General Election Revisited
  • ‘Memory Lingers Here’: Are Newcastle’s Monuments Sites of Collective memory?
  • A Time of Heroes: How we will be remembering the International Brigaders from Stockton
  • ‘Socialists and the Drama’: The Dodds sisters and the Gateshead Progressive Players between the wars
  • The Scammells are coming, hoorah, hoorah
  • A passion for miners’ welfare: two generations of Ashington’s Minoughan family, 1872-1969
  • Crowley’s Crew: From Royalists to Radicals
  • Experiences of place and loss at Newcastle West End Foodbank
  • The Primrose League on Tyneside, 1883-1901
  • Schools & Labour History


Journal, Number 50: 2019

  • Reflections on history and Social class: North East England over time
  • This Fortress of Freedom: A Study of Chartism in Gateshead
  • War, Welfare and Remembrance: A Case Study of two North Shields Ships
  • The War Came Early to Sleepy Valley
  • Raising Their Voices: Two Women of the 1930s
  • The Knights of Labour in the North East, 1880-1900
  • Discovering Joseph Swan (1794-1885). Autobiographical Reminiscences from Afar


Journal, Number 49: 2018

  • The struggle over Female Labour at the Durham Coalfield, 1914-1918
  • Fifty Years of Activism. The NELHS in its Jubilee Year
  • Bevin Boys in the North East of England, 1944-1948
  • Phil Lenton (1946-2017), a personal appreciation
  • John McNair, From Tyneside Boy Orator to a Life in Socialism
  • Plashetts Revisited: Life and Labour in a Coal Mining Outpost
  • North East Germans during World War one: from Friend to Foe
  • The Radical Road, Looking Backwards and Forwards


Journal, Number 48: 2017

  • Fifty Years of the North East Labour History Society
  • Picketing, Photography and Memory: Easington 1984-85
  • Jack Trevena: WEA District Secretary and Conscientious Objector
  • The Bagnalls of Ouseburn: Watermen, Publican, and Sporting Hero
  • Trade Unionism and Methodism
  • Rose Lumsden, a Sunderland Nurse in the Great War
  • Gender and Social Transformation in the 1970s Community Development Projects
  • Commemorative Plaques and Monuments, some recent examples
  • Davey Hopper 1943 – 2016. A Personal Appreciation


Journal, Number 47: 2016

  • A Home Rule Hotbed
  • The Cult of the Savoury Succulent
  • Welfare Work and Women’s Rights in Newcastle upon Tyne during the Great War
  • Radical Voters in the 1835 Newcastle Parliamentray Election
  • The Genteel Militant. Elizabeth Spence Watson’s Work for Women’s Suffrage and Peace
  • We Need to Talk about the Secondary Moderns. A Conversation about a Local History Project
  • Heroes all at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Campaigning for Craigielea
  • NUPE in the North, Union Organising and Activism
  • Ruskin College, Oxford 1956-58
  • Terry Conway, Folksinger, Songwriter and Working Man, 1943-2013


Journal number 46: 2015

Contains articles On:

  • Opposition to the South African War 1888-1902
  • Levellers in the North East, 1648
  • The General Strike – undermined by volunteers?
  • Health Provision for Byker’s Working Poor, 1835-1852
  • William Morris and Striking Miners, 1880s
  • Haltwhistle in the 1930s
  • An Oral History of the CWS
  • Norman Cornish and Nornam Dennis – an appreciation
  • Book reviews, project reports and NELHS news



Journal number 45: 2014

Contains articles On:

  • Brandling Place Home for Penitent Women
  • A footnote in the history of the North East Film Archive
  • The Community Development Project in North Tyneside 1971 -1977
  • Middlesbrough Football – Early history
  • Reflections on the 1984 – 5 miners strike
  • Fred Ramsey – more than a stereotype
  • Archie Potts – a Labour childhood
  • Book reviews, project reports and NELHS news



NELH Journal, volume 44Journal number 44: 2013

Contains articles On:


Volume 44, 2013

  • Consett: a photo essay Peter Brabban
  • Politics in the Piggery: Chartism in the Ouseburn 1838-1848
  • An Uneasy relationship? Labour and the Suffragettes in the North East
  • Competition, conflict and regulation: the Foyboatmen 1900-1950
  • Their Geordies and Ours, Part 1


NEH volume 43

Volume 43, 2012

Journal number 43 (2012) includes articles on:

Contains articles On:

  • Chartism and Co-operation in the North East
  • The Wallsend Owenites
  • Trade, Gender and Membership: Co-operative policy and practice in North-East England and Southern Sweden in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century
  • A new Rochdale? The Sunderland Poor Store
  • plus oral history, appreciations and reviews


NEH volume 42

Volume 42, 2011

Journal number 42 (2011) includes articles on:

  • Ray Challinor: historian and political activist
  • The Meadowell Riots 1991
  • Horace Green: trade unionist and Communist
  • Life in the shipyards and on the railways
  • The birth of Easington colliery





NEH volume 41

Volume 41

Journal number 41 (2010) includes articles on:

  • Women and the war industries on Tyneside 1914 – 18
  • Gateshead politics between the wars
  • The building of the Tyne Bridge 1920 – 29
  • The IRA campaign in the North East and the State response 1920 – 23
  • The Reign of Terror – Solomon Hodgson
  • The Newcastle Chronicle and the events of 1794
  • Plus recollections (oral history), appreciations and reviews.



NEH volume 40

Volume 40

Journal number 40 (2009) includes articles on:

  • Rural labour in Northumberland
  • Local government
  • Electoral politics in the late 19th Century North East – the Irish dimension
  • The second part of Rene Chaplin’s fascinating memoir.



Journal number 39 (2008) includes articles on:

  • Slavery and abolition
  • The Great Reform Demonstration of 1819 on Newcastle Town Moor
  • Chartism
  • Anti-vaccination campaigns
  • Jack Common & the People’s Theatre
  • plus recollections (oral history) and reviews.




NEH volume 38

Volume 38

Journal number 38 (2007) includes articles on:

  • Women’s war work in North East shipbuilding
  • The origins of district nursing
  • The 1911 seamen’s strike in the North East
  • Elisabeth Sims the Labour Pionee
  • Ouesburn 1911
  • Chartism
  • plus apprecations and reviews.




Journal number 37 (2006) includes articles on:

  • The Ashington pitmen artists
  • The fishing communities of North Northumberland
  • An 18th Century Durham miners’ strike, a 19th Century Durham miner’s wife
  • An appreciation of the author Sid Chaplin
  • An Oral History section
  • Reviews and news of the Society.



Journal number 36 (2005) includes articles on:

  • Basque children refugees on Tyneside and Cumberland
  • Second World War strikes on the River Tyne
  • Race relations in sixties Newcastle
  • The 1826 seamen’s strike on the Wear
  • Ellen Wilkinson
  • Whose Heritage: Bowes and Beamish
  • plus oral history, archive reports and reviews.



Journal number 1 (1967) includes articles on:

‘A New Society’ Edward Allen
Summaries of Papers: J. Saville, A.J. Peacock, W.R. Carside, C.J. Hunt
Programme for 1967-68
‘Tribute to Sam Watson’ by Sid Chaplin
Local records:
Introduction D.J. Rowe
Tyneside Engineer’s Papers
The Keelmen
Shipwright’s Assoc. Tyne 1795
Tyne Shipwrights Rules 1850
Wear Shipwrights Rules 1860
Wear Board of Conciliation 1853-4