Issue 54 of the NELH Journal now Available

Copies available from the Secretary:

  • Ragamuffins and Sons of Liberty; the 1774 General Election in Morpeth and Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Clerical Exactions from the Poor, William Parker, Ballast Hills, and Affordable Burials for the Working Poor, 1800-1857
  • Five Russians in the North East of England
  • Socialists and Speculators: the Walker Estate as a Battleground of Housing Ideologies 1902-1919
  • Northeastern England and America’s Bloodiest War
  • Shield’s First Socialists
  • Pneumocoiosis and Social Class in Twentieth-Century County Durham Mining Communities
  • The Growth of the Co-operative Movement in North East England


Cover photograph, Jennie Shearan who led the campaign against pollution from Monkton Coke works

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  1. I

    How can I get copies of issue 54 as I’d like to get a copy for my grand children as a keepsake as the lady on the cover is my late mother Jennie Shearan .

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